Slowly working on new music. Now I have some hardware and need to actually try to make stuff. Software is great and I will never stop using it, but something about hardware makes it feel real. So that being said, I’ve got next week off from work, I’m headed to seclusion for about 5 days. Going to layout drum tracks (new drum machine for the win), and make some noise. As per usual, pretty simple, repetitive crap.


I’ve been productive. Lots of new work has been spilling out of me. And as always for free.

Currently, when I’m not creating, I have been listening to DJOTO, Disturb Distort, Go as Death, and Download a lot. The first 3 you can find on bandcamp and soundcloud. Go support them. Go, now.

I am getting tired of facebook. Not so much facebook itself, but all the posts (really shares, because no one can write for themselves) that are made dealing with religion, politics, the top 10 reasons or best, or worst, or whatever the fuck ad filled page that must click through. Thoughts and ideas are pushed away because the kitten uppercutting a dolphin photo is popular. Scrolling thru all this bullshit things become lost. Really nowadays, the only reason I keep my account is to follow artists and musicians. I should start trimming the fat. Some are more notorious than others. /endrant.


Disaster among us

First, go check out Lowgrade Signal‘s new album. (title of this post is track 1 from “Circles in the Sky”)

Second, my new work is underway. Its going to be about 10 tracks, possibly more. Lots of new tools are being used for this. Some freebies from Native Instruments and Glitch Machines are whats really behind all of it. I’ve been really trying to get better drum beats and sounds all throughout. Less presets, better mixing, and just all around better use of the software. I am looking forward to releasing this one.

I figure I am about 1/4 of the way done with it, so it should be out within the next month.

End of the Digital Design

Added about page. Added Art page.

It seems as I will no longer be doing any digital art. I no longer have photoshop, nor a computer that I can comfortably create art with. My laptop handles it nicely, but without the comforts of a good mouse and keyboard, I no longer enjoy sitting for hours making visual content. Maybe in the future that will change. I don’t miss it, so its not a loss to me.

But! I have uploaded both albums as .zip files for download. Enjoy them.

If you have any issues, please let me know.