End of the Digital Design

Added about page. Added Art page.

It seems as I will no longer be doing any digital art. I no longer have photoshop, nor a computer that I can comfortably create art with. My laptop handles it nicely, but without the comforts of a good mouse and keyboard, I no longer enjoy sitting for hours making visual content. Maybe in the future that will change. I don’t miss it, so its not a loss to me.

But! I have uploaded both albums as .zip files for download. Enjoy them.

If you have any issues, please let me know.

New Music

I’ve added another 9 tracks. I guess it could be called an album. Full downloads will be available soon. Its going to be busy for me for the next few days, so once everything calms down, I’ll get them online.


Huge credit to Glitch Machines for their amazing freebies.